The latest version of my website is up and running. I hope you enjoy its current level of simplicity.

As I’m pretty busy these days with Bit Loopy, it was necessary to have something in place quite quickly. That said, I know from previous projects that a website needs to be easy to maintain.

In the past I’ve had good experiences with both and ExpressionEngine. ExpressionEngine in particular is very flexible and well designed. However, they are both quite complex and ExpressionEngine needs its own server, database, installation, backup and maintenance.

I’d considered CraftCMS (made by the developers of some rather good plug-ins for ExpressionEngine) and, while it looks like a cracking little CMS with much easier upkeep, it still needs to be hosted and regularly maintained.

So I went back to basics and realised that I have a very small, simple website and I needed a suitable sized hammer. The above CMSs are all honking great sledge hammers and, while they all have their place, my website is a very small nut to crack.

After a little research, I came across Jekyll and decided to use it on a git based server. Since I use git daily for development work, it seemed a good fit and it makes website deployment much easier.

So far, Jekyll seems to be a nice static website builder. It uses a number of flexible modern tools and techniques to construct the site - such as Liquid template engine and SASS/SCSS. It also uses Markdown, one of my favorite tools for simplifying text generation for posts.

If you’re starting a new website you should certainly take a look at Jekyll.